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How to Improve your Customer Satisfaction

Written by Laura Schill

Easiest way to improve customer satisfaction? Ask your customers! Send out a survey, or talk face to face to clients to understand why they hired you or why they bought your product. This will help you to understand HOW a product or service is used by a customer, which may be completely different then what you thought. (For example, Play-Doh was originally invented by a soap company to clean wallpapers, but was more popular with kids to play with!).
On top of this, you can always ask your customers for suggestions to improve. Customer feedback can give your business some great ideas to make your business as successful as can be! ‪#‎MarketingTips‬ ‪#‎Successful‬ ‪#‎MarketingCompany‬ ‪#‎BusinessTips‬

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